Religion says God is love

But which God? My God or your God?

See, they make Love the object, the noun

God isn’t love

Love is God

We’ve been trying ages to agree on one God

1000 wars been fought on God’s name

Yet not a single one

I’d like to believe there is value in putting all these thoughts and writings somewhere for people to see, shipping work that is incomplete, to tell a story, an ongoing story.

Everything that we create is part of something bigger, part of the collective knowledge. Hiding our creations…

Patience is the frame, action is the paint.

Stop waiting for things to happen. Stop waiting for things to get better.

Things or situations aren’t subjects, they don’t “do” stuff for you. Things, whatever that means to you, are objects.

The tricky part about the learning process is not the time we invest to get better at something, the true breakthrough, that needs to happen first, is the realization of our own ignorance.

How can we get better at something we don’t know we are bad at, in the first…

In a world, so diverse, so vast, with a number of infinite choices to choose from, limits play a vital role. Generally, we think the more choices we have, the more opportunities there are to make a better call, to choose something more “complete”, more “fitting”, more “adequate” to us.

Our identity is the illusion we create about ourselves.

We tend to think about ourselves like “this is me”, “this is who I’m” and “I’ve always been this way” and there we are, putting ourselves in self-created cages that are made of the stories we tell ourselves over and over.

‍The reality is, you’re not the same, nor will you ever be.

Your body is changing, the whole time, every day, every second. Every few years we become essentially new people because, in that time, every cell in your body has been replaced by a new cell. So biologically, we are made of completely new stuff.

Our identity lives only in our minds, and it is not static as a lake. It is more like a river, constantly flowing, never the same.

Ideology is a noble concept. We all have ideas about how the world should be. Ideas about equality, justice, politics, democracy, technology. We would like the world to be a fair place, one that gives equal opportunity to all human beings.

The downside of ideologies is that most of them…

The job of a teacher is not to educate.‍

The job of a teacher is to aspire to inspire.

There are many paths to learning. Every student is a unique human being, with his own journey, own experiences, and own approach to learning. …

We’ve all been there. This constant flow of information in our heads. Questions on one side, sloppy answers on the other, memories, regrets, plans, lists, thoughts about thoughts, thoughts about why are you having that thought. Anxiety, exhaustion.‍

The monkey mind is wild, unorganized, and sloppy. We identify with it…

Alejandro Juárez

I'm a creator based in Berlin, DE. Born 02.10.1988 in Monterrey, MX.

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